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Ingliz tilidan

Ingliz tili fanidan 5-sinflar uchun IV chorak testlari. Yuklab olib monotoring testida foydalaning
To'liq matni:

                                       5 – sini. 4 chorak


1. What is your name?

      A)  I am  a pupil                                C) He is  Rustam

     B)  My name is Anvar                       D)  Her name is Lucy

2. Where  are you from?

     A)  I live in Jizzakh                           C)  I am from Uzbekistan

     B)  She lives in Uzbekistan               D)  He is from  America

3. What do you do ?

     A) I am pupil                                      C) She is a secretary

     B)  My sister works in a hospital        D) Ha is a teacher

4. What  day is the third ?

     A) It is Monday                                   C) It  is  Wednesday

     B) It is Tuesday                                   D)  It is Thursday

5. How old are you ?

     A)  Anvar  is  12                                  C)   I am 12 years old

     B)   He is good                                     D)   I have got  a  sister

6.  Hello!  I  ….  Dilbar.  What   …..   your name?

     A)  is/is                                                 C)   am/am

     B)   am/is                                               D)  am/are

7.  How …. you Lucy?   I ……  fine,  thank  you ?

     A)  are/is                                                C)  am/are

     B)   are/am                                             D)  is/are

8.  This … my  mother. Her   name …..  Xalima.

      A)  is/am                                              C) is/is

      B)   am/is                                             D)  am/am

9.   Find   the   odd  word  out

      A) mother, father, sister, school

      B) mother, sister, brother, father

      C) grandmother, father, book

10. A doctor works in a …..

      A) hospital                                          C)  college

      B) school                                             D)  farm

11. An  engineer works in a …….

      A)   office                                            C)   school

      B)   farm                                              D)   hospital

12.  What  is  the  Uzbek  for  “ learn “ ?

      A)  o’qimoq       B)   o’rganmoq       C) yozmoq

13. Is history interesting ?

      A)   Yes, It is      B) No, it was         C)Yes, it had

14.  I   …   maths  on Thursday.

      A)  have              B) has    

       C)  has  got     D)  am

15.  Mrs Whitfield   is  …..  English   teacher.

      A)  a                B)  an         

      C)  the              D)  -

16.  My  father is   …….  electronic   engineer.

      A)   a              B) an   

      C)  the             D) –

17.  My hair  …… long.

      A) is            B)  are    

     C)  am            D) was

18.  What  is Uzbek for  “ straight “  ?

      A)  uzun      B)  kalta  

      C) to’gri        D) tekis

19.  Is   his  face  round ?

      A)  Yes his face is round      C) No he is

      B)   Yes he is                        D) Yes he has

20.    …………..     is the second  day.

       A)   Monday                         C)   Wednesday

       B)    Tuesday                        D)    Thursday

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