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Ingliz tilidan

Ingliz tili fanidan 6 sinflarga test yuklandi. Agarda bilimingizni sinamoqchi bo'lsangiz marhamat
To'liq matni:

Class  6.

1.  There is a ……. on the floor.

a) carpet             b) cassete  recorder            c) o’clock              d) curtain

2.  Choose the right answer.         16-13+22-18+2=?

a) ten            b) eleven            c) nine               d) eight

3.  Find the milk products.

a) ice-cream             b) banan            c) meat              d) apricot

4.  Find the fruit products.

a) cabbage             b) cucumber            c) apricot              d) tomatoes

5.  Find the vegetables products.

a) sausage              b) radish            c) butter              d) orange

6.  Find the meat products.

a) honey             b) jam            c) sausage              d) milk

7.  Do you like …….?

a) playing              b) do            c) does              d) doing

8.  Choose the summer month.

a)  May, June, July                                            b) June, July, August          

 c) September, October, November              d) March, April, May

9.  Independence Day is a national holiday.

a) xalqaro             b) milliy             c) diniy               d) sport

10. There are two wardrobe in room. 

a) shkaf            b) kitob javoni              c) parda               d) xarita

11. He is ….. of my friends.

a) best            b) better            c) bester              d) the best

12. Sea, lake, river, channel ……

a) city            b) mountain             c) ocean              d) hill

13. Choose the odd word.

a) pumpkin            b) cucumber             c) taxi              d) tomatoes

14. Choose the odd word.

a) kitchen            b) hall             c) living room              d) cake

15. The school ……… helps sick children.

a) farmer            b) gardener             c) doctor            d) teacher       

16.  What is your father’s job?

17.  I want to be a …….

18.  ……. has three uncles

19.  Theres is …….. in our house

20.  How many rooms in your house?

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